Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Progression Is Good

Well I wanted to share with you guys my process for some backgrounds I just recently finished. Enjoy!

Layout:1 Glacier Lake

Stage:1 Sketch: mostly trying to get composition and perspective correct.

Stage:2 Value Study: Here I was trying to nail the overall tone of the piece and make sure the composition still works with the values now laid in.

Stage:3 Color: For this one I used watercolor and prismacolor to get the details sharper.

Layout:2 The Runaway

Stage:1 Sketch: Again I was trying to find an interesting composition and get the perspective right.

Stage:2 Value Study: Here I am trying to set the mood and the focal point with contrast

Stage:3 Color rendering: For this one I was inspired by the Winnie the Pooh Backgrounds. I used Inked lines with watercolor washes.


Terry C. Wong said...

Dude! These turned out really well! Kepp it up man!

Jadyn Ngo said...

These are really amazing. Great job!

Frankie Franco III said...

Very good, very very good.

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