Come Home

Well here is an illustration I did for a song about a father and his prodigal son. More symbolic than I usually do but its good to try new ways to create mood. Let me know what you all think.


GeorgiaDes said…
this turned out well Brandon. the father's face is very ominous.
Carrie Liao said…
haha i don't know why, but the person above's comment made me laugh.

i'm sorry if it was a serious comment, brandon's friend.

but yea, looks really nice! did you just do this recently? even with finals? and yay for your bgs! they all look fantastic, very professional.

i did animate my pig, but the animation is not really fit for human eyes. i think i should spare your vision.
danny u. said…
it matches the song buddy--keep rocking out the art, it is a gift that few people have and many people desire.
frak said…
nice to see your style start to develop.
Nhut Pham said…
Hi Brandon!
Thank you very much for visiting my blog. You're right about the hand! Hey, when I look at your illustration in class, I don't understand much. But I get it now! I think the song is about the "Parable of the Prodigal Son," right? I love that story and I think you did a very good job to depict the "returning or leaving of the son" I love the father's face a lot. Very emotional!! I like your painting style and I think you are one of the best in our class! :D
Shmenglish said…
I like how the man eyes look concerned, yet disaproving simultaneously. Good job! I haven't seen ya in like forever! I hope all is going well :)

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