Thursday, April 24, 2008


Hey there folks, here are a few projects I have worked on in the past and plan on doing some fine tuning to. enjoy! :)

Medium:Cell Vinyl (I still need to finish the left side)

works in progress:

Creepy house project
Grayscale value study


World War 1 Flying Ace:

Friday, April 18, 2008

Background Painting!!

Well hey there folks, here are a couple of my background paintings. I have a few more on the way that I will be posting up soon. Enjoy :)


Medium:Cell Vinyl (I still need to finish the left side)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Breathe of Fresh Air

Well today was a nice day, a day alone with my thoughts and gaining a fresh look at where I am at, and knowing where I need to go. School, work and life in general can start to weigh me down when I don't stop and breath. Stepping back and remember that no matter where I go and whatever I am up against there is always going to be a comfort waiting for me, I just have to remember that the good Lord is waiting..lookin for me to turn to him. This embrace I tend to forget at times when life (,school,stress) becomes so busy. Tonight I remember and I don't ever believe that I could have ever forgot, but I know I will again. I want never to forget and say I will never again but I know life comes at me hard and I am human. But, that doesn't give me an excuse, it gives me grounding, a goal, and a mark to know where I am, was and will be. It is a humbling of the mind so that I can gain control of it. I want to strive to come closer to my Savior (my best friend). You see! We’re pals! I really can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Because I have a comfort in knowing I am never alone. My belief is not based on a religion, it is merely a relationship. Beautifully complex in it's depths but as a whole it can simply be defined as a friendship. A friendship with a friend who will never go behind my back, always be there, and gives freely without asking/expecting anything in return. I set out tonight expecting to get a lot of work done focusing too hard on things that, in the long run, really do not have much significance in the big picture of life, things that can't ever bring a real reason for living. It felt like taking a breathe after holding it in for sooooo long! It felt good. God is good and will always be good. God is in good (GoOD), funny how I start to see these things. This all came to me while at Starbucks having a cup of JOe. I rode my bike over to McClains and just began have some time drawing with my pal Lord. It was a blast observing people and sketchin them down, from there I rode back to school and came home where I am now. I don't usually journal blog but it does feel good to do so and I hope that this gave you a lil incite into the life of Brando

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And the GNOme takes it!

Hey There Folks, Well here are a few progression shots of my next illustration of an unlikely winner of a race. BUmmed that I missed the deadline to submit it in the contest for children's book society but at least I have a good start. Let me know what you think!

Some So Cal Hockey