Background Painting!!

Well hey there folks, here are a couple of my background paintings. I have a few more on the way that I will be posting up soon. Enjoy :)


Medium:Cell Vinyl (I still need to finish the left side)


Carrie Liao said…
are these for the internship? (if you're still going for it)

i really like the first one (:
GeorgiaDes said…
looking good brandon
Shmenglish said…
These are really good! Me gusto mucho! The top one sort of reminds me of a scene from Winnie the Pooh, and the bottom one reminds me of one of the old Mickey and Goofy cartoons I saw when I was little... only yours are better ;)
jen bergan said…

yea, i am taking over the internet one networking site at a time.

i love your watercolor BG! are you going to paint the final two with watercolor also?
Nick Bockelman said…
Your work with water color is amazing. I wish I had more time, Id like to try something like this and get your advice. SICK!

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