my FIANCEE'S Christmas card I did for her!

Well I just got engaged to the most beautiful woman ever! Im so very thankful to the Lord for such a wonderful woman that i don't deserve! God is Goooood!! Heres the card I made for my future Wifey! :) enjoy
Pencil with a lil ink:

Ink is done ready to start the watercolor:

A splash here and there and done!


ANA-ALiCiA said…
congrats again my dear friend! When is the big day?! I can't wait to buy a new dress...haha. Love this Christmas's classic!

P.S- "The man's juice..."
GeorgiaDes said…
This looks amazing brandon! and I love you man, you deserve the great woman that Amanda is.
Frans Kusuma said…
Congrats, Brandon! Plein air much? :)

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