Spooky tree

Hey there folks! I wanted to share with you all my project I did for my Illustration class and my process in which I creating it. We had to paint these all in Painter (digital watercolor),I picked to illustrate a spooky single dwelling house in the forest.I hope you all enjoy and please feel free to give some criticism. Enjoy!! :)

Stage #1 The rough comps

Stage#2 Tighter comps

Stage#3 The Line work

Stage#4 Grayscale value study

Stage#5 Done :) Color


Carrie L. said…
oh, very nicely done. (:

i love the progress shots, too.
GeorgiaDes said…
you are a man above other men.
Ryan said…
Aw, man, now you can digitally paint too?

Looks good, sir.
Shmenglish said…
This... is DARN amazing! I like the foreboding "eye" (I realize it wasn't intentional) casting an ominous and dreadful air upon the scene... Yeah, this is great.

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